Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to IRCHorse Racing on AustNode IRC Network

First time in the channel ? Confused by the way the game runs ? No idea how to play ?
Races are run every 15 minutes which involves four parts:

[Field Listing]
Information about the next race is shown in the heading of the listing.

:: Race: 62 :: The Longest Yard :: Distance: 1200m :: Track : Dry ::
Underneath is the listing which displays information about each runner.

Barrrier | Horse | Weight | Form | Class | Odds |
Strike Rate|

[Betting Time]
Types of bets and their commands. There is a limit of 5 bets per races except for Group/Special races.
Standard Bets:
Win !bet w amount h/n
Place !bet p amount h/n
Eachway !bet wp amount h/n
When you place a bet you get given a claim number. If you want this to show up in private use !mclaim on.

1: !trifecta (any order)
2: !trifecta e (exact order)
Each trifecta costs $1000 which goes into the Trifecta Jackpot. Max 1 per race.
Novelty Bets
Quinella !quinella amount or m
Exacta !exacta amount or m
Claimed Automaticly after results.

When betting time is over we join the race with usually 400m to go. When the race is finished results and final dividens are displayed and it is time to use !claim to collect your winnings.
If you find yourself out of money, you can claim !broke and be awarded $150000.